The Club


The Ottawa Swim Club is a non-profit organization that provides an environment where young people of all ages
can develop their swimming ability. The club is focused solely on the swimmers and their needs, in order to allow
them to excel in the sport.


To be the number one competitive swim club in the Ottawa area for competitive, high performance swimming.
Therefore, the vision is stated as follows:

To be the centre of excellence for competitive, high performance swimming in the Ottawa area.

Our Mission

In keeping with the vision statement, the mission of the Swim Club is to develop and produce competitive swimmers at all
levels. Therefore, the mission statement is as follows

To produce high performance, competitive swimmers at all levels

To achieve the principles set out in the mission statement, the following club goals have been established:

  • To develop a program recognized for excellence in Canadian Swimming;
  • To provide a high level of coaching;
  • To provide a swim environment that enables athletes to develop their swimming skills.;
  • To teach all swimmers essential life skills such as organization, planning, dedication and self motivation;
  • To assist our swimmers to define, to train for and to achieve their personal swim goals;
  • To instill in all swimmers, a team approach to swimming that encourages recognition and celebration
    of their team mates achievements.

Our Philosophies

In order to achieve the goals of the club, the following key elements form the overriding philosophy of the organization:

  • Each swimmer will be challenged to excel;
  • Each swimmer will be given equal opportunity to train and compete to his or her maximum potential;
  • Each swimmer will be allowed to develop at his or her own pace:
  • Each swimmer will learn the important aspects of teamwork, sportsmanship, team spirit, respect, commitment, and self-discipline;